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If contractual pests return following service and within the guarantee and warranty period we will return at no additional cost. We work hard on keeping our customers bed bug free. We guarantee every service and provide extensive warranties to make sure bed bugs are gone and our customers are happy. Call The Exterminators Inc. for Markham pest control services.

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The extermination process of Bed Bugs is long-drawn and highly detailed, but completely necessary. You first need to isolate the affected area from the rest of the house, and make sure that all the affected bedding is treated in a thorough hot water wash and separated from the rest of the clothes.

Any items stored under the bed or in affected locations should be isolated too. The extermination process will involve the treatment of these items too, as Bed Bugs are great at hiding in places even away from the usual locations such as mattresses, duvets, bedsheets and pillow covers.

The most important part of a Bed Bug extermination procedure is the elimination of the nymphs and eggs. Adult Bed Bugs are easy to locate and annihilate. Nymphs and eggs however, often stay hidden in crevices that may miss the untrained eye. Eliminating them is essential to avoid repeat infestations and our technicians at Exterminator Hamilton pay due attention to this step.

In case of a serious infestation, follow up treatment may be required. This is because the use of pesticides always needs to be controlled, keeping in mind the health of inhabitants. Usually, pest control experts ask inhabitants to steer clear of a treated property for at least a few hours to avoid any chances of health complications.


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Bed bugs may look truly tiny in size and even harmless due to it but the level of trouble they can cause is incomparable to any other pest, bloodsucking or otherwise. Bugs travel from one location to another without any difficulty and anyone can unknowingly carry bugs on their clothes or in their luggage from an infested place to your home or office. Bugs can infiltrate your residential and office building and once they are in, it is almost impossible to get rid of them.

Bed Bug Control Markham can relieve you of your bed bug dilemma. We work 7 days a week and would be available to book an appointment right away! Call our technician today at 647-496-5755 and get the best solution to your pest problems.


Bed Bug Signs

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It is easy to detect that you have a bed bug infestation, as the most obvious sign is sighting bed bugs in your home. A few other signs that you may come across are:

  • Bed bugs leave excretion marks in the corners where they preferably hide. These stains are blackish brown in color
  • When a bed bug becomes an adult, it sheds its skin. These translucent shells are often discovered on your bed and bed sheets
  • Bed bugs lay small cylindrical shaped white eggs. These eggs are usually found in the same corners and crevices as the excretion stains
  • Bed bugs are usually active during the night but they would have a meal anytime there is access to blood. Bed bug bites usually cause the skin to get a reddish mound

Why are Bed Bugs Dangerous?

When speaking about the transfer of viruses and diseases, the bed bug fortunately poses no threat to the overall health. Even though the bed bug is in direct contact with the bloodstream the only negative outcome is that the presence of bed bugs might cause allergic reactions to the skin and cause rashes that may require some light medical attention. Also, It might trigger allergic reactions for those who have asthma. Dealing with bed bugs can be very tiring both mentally and physically. Starting your day with itchiness cannot be the best start of your day. Bed Bugs can be virtually everywhere where you don’t want them to be because bed bugs hang out in places where humans are the most present. Waking up  to rashes, itchiness can take some toll on the psyche as it serves as a constant physical reminder that something is present even though you cannot see it. This can affect your private life and might well spill in your professional life.


Bed Bug Facts

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Bed bugs are small, flattened brownish insects that feed solely on blood. They infest your home and hide in places on or around your bed. You will usually find bed bugs hidden in the crevices of your mattress, the corners of your bed, in the bed frame, in wall corners, and in your bed sheets and blankets.

Studies of this insect show that bed bugs can live up to a year without a meal. This means that even if you were to go on a long holiday, hoping that when you return the bed bugs will be gone due to lack of food, you are mistaken. Bed bugs can survive easily even if there is no access to blood for months, and will be there to welcome you back home.

Bed bugs usually find themselves near the host for their blood meal every  5 to 10 days to feed themselves. They like to stay close to the host and like to go to places where humans sleep or relax the most. They can mostly be found between the seams of the mattress or on couches quietly tucked away till it is time to strike when humans are sound asleep. Bed Bugs do this as discreetly as possible and leave immediately when they are done using an ‘escape route’ It is interesting to note that bed bugs, even though, come in direct contact with the bloodstream do not transmit any known diseases or viruses. However, the psychological toll from having insects suck the blood out of you can be an unpleasant lingering thought that can lead to many sleepless nights.

Bed Bug Extermination

At Exterminator Markham e know what needs to get done in order for your bed bugs to go away. We employ the best technicians in the field and have them solve your bed bug problem. We have one of the skilled pest control experts in the industry who have done their job with passion for years. They are licensed, skilled, and insured individuals who just want the best for their community at an affordable price. Bed bugs can cause a lot of stress which can persist for weeks, months or even years when nothing is done about it. This can spill into professional life as well where a lack of sleep can do damage to your productivity. Bed bug control is delicate and needs expert treatment and that is why we have come up with comprehensive treatment plans that can last a lifetime. You may have to stow away items and articles of clothing during the extermination which we will tell you more about once you have us on the phone! 


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So, how do you deal with this problem permanently? Bed Bug Control Markham is your answer! We guarantee you an affordable and permanent solution to your bed bug infestation problem.

Call us at 647-496-5755 today and our skilled exterminators will visit your property, inspect the level of infestation and provide you with the best solution to suit your needs.